As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, we operate a range of sustainability initiatives in France.

HSBC Foundation for Education

HSBC France established the HSBC Foundation for Education in 2005, through the Fondation de France, to facilitate access to education. Its aim is to support the work of associations and institutions that help young people in disadvantaged areas to access education.

Projects supported by the foundation receive financial and public relations support for a period of one to three years. Our staff also volunteer to help.

For more information, visit the HSBC Foundation for Education’s website. Please note that this content is available in French only.

Sustainability documents

Download the 2019 Statement on extra financial performance for HSBC France (PDF 2MB)

Download the 2018 Statement on extra financial performance for HSBC France (PDF 2MB).

HSBC France supports the Group's commitment to cut carbon dioxide emissions associated with energy consumption and travel and reduce paper consumption and the production of non-recycled waste.

Our annual record of Green House Gas emissions (in French only) is available on the following website:

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