Regulatory information

Includes mandatory financial reports subject to filing with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF).

With respect to disclosure and filing requirements of regulatory information in the Transparency Directive, recent versions of the following four documents are available within HSBC Continental Europe's Annual and Interim Reports and Accounts  :

  • Annual financial report
  • Half-yearly financial report
  • Report on corporate governance, internal control procedures and risk management
  • Statutory auditor's fees

Monthly report on number of shares and voting rights

HSBC Continental Europe is not concerned by this disposition as its shares are not listed on a regulated stock exchange. HSBC Continental Europe's shares are recorded at the bearer's name and a single voting right is attached to each share.

Description of share buyback programmes

HSBC Continental Europe does not have a buyback programme.

Press releases published under regulated information

All press releases are available on the News and media section.

Information regarding the communication of base prospectus for public call on investment (via Euro Medium Term Notes)

You can read these documents on the Debt issuance page.

Information regarding the communication of preliminary documentation ahead of Annual General Meetings

In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, HSBC Continental Europe sends a notification to all individual shareholders, by post and at least 15 days ahead of the date which has been set for the General Meeting. There are about 40 shareholders in total. HSBC Continental Europe's shares are not publicly listed.